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For as long as we can remember, Tokyo bowls have been a staple in a wide range of Japanese diets because of their convenience and substance. Times are changing, and while we would never want to forget a culture as rich as ours, we must evolve to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced environment and welcome all inspiring things to come. It’s the combination of a deep Tokyo culture and new energy that continues to bring vibrant youth through the same doors that have stood for ages.


- What is Sukiya? -

Sukiya is Japan’s No.1 Gyudon chain restaurant which is offers delicious Gyudon at affordable prices with great service. We started our 1st Restaurant in JAPAN since 1982. There are now more than 2000 restaurants in Japan, and we are also running our restaurants in other 8 countries. (As of July 2016 )

We established Sukiya Malaysia on March 2012, and now we have 16 restaurants in Malaysia. (as of September 2016) In Sukiya Malaysia, we are serving modern Japanese daily meal such as Gyudon, Ramen, Chicken bowl, Curry in the restaurant which is designed with Japanese pop culture in order to enjoy atmosphere like you are in Japan.

Furthermore, all items served at Sukiya Malaysia are followed Halal regulations so that our Muslim guests can dine without worry.

Sukiya will continue to provide delicious authentic Japanese food that all Malaysian can enjoy at a reasonable price with safety, security and Halal of our menu.



Our mission is to provide safe and delicious food at affordable prices to people throughout the world.

To achieve this mission, we place ourselves in the customer's position, and assume full responsibility.

To ensure food safety and quality, we plan and design all processes relating to food, and organize and operate Zensho's unparalleled mass merchandising system (MMD) on a global scale.



Sukiya Malaysia is one of the company of Zensho group which operates various kinds of 4,782 outlet (as of Aug 2016) such as Sukiya, Ramen shop, Sushi restaurant, fresh food retail shop and so on in the world(Zensho). Sukiya Malaysia is able to earn benefit from Zensho group due to mass merchandising system (MMD).

Sukiya's (MMD) allows the company to fulfill its mission to "provide safe, delicious food to people around the world at affordable prices". The MMD system forms the foundation of Sukiya's business and embodies this mission in day-to-day operations.


We’ve built our supply system by seeking out safe, high-quality ingredients worldwide and cultivating reliable procurement channels.


A stable supply of fresh ingredients is prepared and processed at our central kitchen.


Proper amounts of food are sent to restaurants to control quality, safety and freshness.


The restaurants serve safe, delicious meals to customers in unique, cha in-specific environments.


- Food Safety & Management -

Our commitment to food safety means we know exactly what goes into each and every one of our bowls. We source and produce ingredients in accordance with rigorous Japanese standards to ensure a safe and quality product.


- Halal Policy -

Serving Halal food is our top priority and we take stringent measures to ensure that all product are processed and issued in accordance with sharia law.



- Sukiya Video -

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- Social Contribution -

Sukiya Malaysia is one of the Zensho group company. We introduce social contribution activities of the Zensho Group.




- Company Profile -

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- Contact Us -

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